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The 2nd ASEAN International Students Competition

AISC is an annual program initiated by Universities across ASEAN, the 1st AISC was hosted by Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang Indonesia and nowadays, the 2nd is hosted by TUEBA Vietnam. This is the place for university students from ASEAN countries to obtain plenty of opportunities in order to expose their business model and unique talents globally as well as escalate their international communication.

Academic Category

Business Model Canvas (BMC) Competition

  • Can apply for a newly planned or ongoing business
  • The idea must be displayed according to the BMC template which can be downloaded in the QR code below
  • Each team consists of 3 students in one university but team members can be from across faculties
  • BMC must be written in English

Non-Academic Category

The theme for the 2022 non-academic competition is “Students Got Talent”

It is a video competition where each team/individual can send 1 video with a duration of 3-5 minutes

  1. In the form of a video showing the talents of a team/individual with a duration of 3-10 minutes
  2. Each team/individual can only submit 1 video
  3. Each team consists of max 3 students in one university and team members can be from one faculty or across faculties
  4. Video will be published on AISC YouTube Channel
  5. Minimum video resolution 720p

The winner of Road to The 2nd AISC 2022 will get:

·     International competition certificate

·      Have a chance to advance to round 2 of the 2nd AISC